What do we do?

Culmineo products use Artificial Intelligence to classify your online visitors while respecting their privacy. Then, based on their profile, each visitor gets a targeted user experience.

When an incoming request has been classified, it is despatched to a suitable processing chain. It can be:

  • blocked (bad bots, exploits, applicative DDoS attacks)
  • waitlisted (legitimate vistitors in case of an excessive traffic spike)
  • limited (good bots...)
  • prioritised (VIPs...)
  • further analysed to ascertain a decision (suspected bots)
  • forwarded to dedicated servers (VIP...) or to a specific contents (to "poison" competitive intelligence bots...).

The returned contents can be accelerated through Front End Optimisation or modified.

The specific experience for each visitor depends on their importance and priority as you see it, and it's dynamically adjusted based on realtime condition of your servers: traffic, availability and performance.

A full products suite based on Artificial Intelligence that protects your online infrastructure and improves and adjusts your customers experience.

How do I roll it out?


Don't install anything. Don't modify anything.

Culmineo products are available as a SaaS platform, or as an appliance.

It is insterted between the user agents (browsers, mobile apps, API clients) and your servers. Youyr don't have anything to deploy or install on them.

You don't have to modify anything on your siet, mobiel apps or API clients.

It is activated in 20 minutes.


The AI operates immediately.

Culmineo products come with a generaic AI knowledge base built from billions of real requests. They can tell apart humans and bots, good bots and bad bots.

They can therore protect you digital assets at once.


You show it what characterises visitors you're interested in.

You tell it in simple and intuitive terms what characterises visitors categories (humans or bots) you're interested in.

It can be that they finalise a shopping cart on an e-commmerce site, that they've come before, a cookie set by your CRM solution etc.


You choose what user experience they get.

For each established category, you chose what experience they get: should they get blocked (bad bots, DDoS attacks), how should they get prioritised or limited, shoudl they be accelerated through FEO, what infrastrcuture shal serve them...

You can even set differentiated contents.


The AI adjusts to your visitors profile and gives each of them the service level you decided.

As the AI sees your specific traffic and visitors profile, it start learning to adjust its classification.

This learning is done continuously to adjust to how your site or apps and visitors profile evolves.

It can also be accelerated and anticipated through pre-learning from your historical logs, even before rollout. Your solution can thereofore be 100% operational on day one.


Observe and analyse your traffic with unprecedented insight.

A graphical dashboard shows your incoming traffic and how your infrastructure responds in realtime.

You see your visitors mix by profile and where they come from

You see what requests get blocked, why and where they come from.

You also have a state-of-the art search engine and detailed analytics tool to conduct big-data analysis or build graphical reports.


We believe that every digital application, web site, mobile app, or API should get the most advanced technology to

give its customers the experience they deserve, at all times.

By using tranparent and non-intrusive acceleration

You're not sure yet...

Optimizing pages when developping them is a bad solution: you can't get maintainability and performance at the same time, and only automated optimization can find the best methods and tuning.
Some intrusive techniques must be avoided too because they have side effets on SEO and legal compliance.

By smoothing traffic upfront

You're not sure yet...

It is not enough to accelerate you site under normal conditions. You also need to smoothen spkies because traffic peaks mean response time peaks. You don't want to ruin your SEO because Google crawled your site during a traffic peak...
You also need to manage High Traffic Events such as online sales, DDoS attacks.. to preserve your brand reputation..
The Cloud is elastic, bu it does not scale up fast enough to manage peaks.

By dedicating its best service to its best customers

You're not sure yet...

Robots represent typically 50% of your requests, and every real customes doesn't drive the same revenue.
Dedicating the same level of effort to every request is bad ressources management.

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