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Culmineo improves and stabilizes your web performance, and manages your High Traffic Events.
Maximize your revenue, your constomer satisfaction and your SEO.



Culmineo uses state-of-the-art Front End Optimisation (FEO) and other exclusive acceleration téechnologies. Enter the Culmineo Site Accelerator.
Your pages are optimized on the fly to reduce their size and the number of requests. We also reorganize them so that they are rendered faster.
This is transparent and non-intrusive. You don't need to install anything. You don't need to modify your site. No link is modified to point outside of your site.

Improve your response time to improve your revenue, your page views, your customer satisfaction and your SEO.


It's useless to improve your response time if it suddenly increases because of a transient traffic peak, a High Traffic Event (online Sales...) or a DDoS attack.
Culmineo povides a patented traffic management solution to smoothen traffic peaks and preserve your site's performance. Enter the Culmineo Web Lounge.

Stabilize your response time.
Preserve your ranking.
Protect your brand against bad buzz.
Protect your site against the most sophisticated DDoS attacks.


Culmineo leverages acceleration and traffic management techniques with cutting edge machine learning to give your best customers the best service. Enter the Culmineo Fast Lane.
Your best customers get a faster site: they get access priority anf they get the best acceleration.

Give a faster experience to your best customers.
Maximize your revenue by allocating your best performance to your most valuable customers.

Response Time is Money!

Each second matters on the web: above 2-3 seconds to display a page, each second costs...

7% in revenue

Every website drives revenue through online sales, ads or promotion of a brand or message.

11% in page views

Your bounce rate increases drastically when your site is too slow.

16% in customer satisfaction

Even if customers choose to stay, they're dissatisfied with their experience and many won't come back.

How does Culmineo work?


Don't install or modify anything

Culmineo is a SaaS solution that processes your traffic in front of your site. You don't need to install anything or to modift your site. It is set up in just 15 minutes!
The default settings fit standard cases but our experts can do the fine tuning for you. Remember: every second is worth 7% of revenue!


We accelerate your pages on the fly

We use the most advanced Front End Optmization techniques to accelerate your web pages on the fly, whether they are static or dynamic, cachable or non-cachable. We also use some other exclusive acceleration techniques to further accelerate your websites.

This is the Culmineo Site Accelerator.


We monitor your site and make sure it doesn't get saturated by smoothening peaks

Transient peaks are transparently smoothened just by priorizing your real customers and dropping robots.
Your best customers get top priority and an improved experience to drive more revenue.

This is the Culmineo Fast Lane.


In the event of saturation...

Customers that need to be queued get transparently redirected to an external web lounge. You own this lougne and there you can engage with them with a promotional video, a game, a poll, a specific message, a full micro-site... They are queued as shortly as possible to preserve your site's ability to serve them. And of course, your top customers get prioritized!

This is the Culmineo Web Lounge.


We believe that every website should get the most advanced technology to give its customers the experience they deserve, at all times.

By using tranparent and non-intrusive acceleration

Optimizing pages when developping them is a bad solution: you can't get maintainability and performance at the same time, and only automated optimization can find the best methods and tuning.
Some intrusive techniques must be avoided too because they have side effets on SEO and legal compliance.

By smoothening traffic upfront

It is not enough to accelerate you site under normal conditions. You also need to smoothen spkies because traffic peaks mean response time peaks. You don't want to ruin your SEO because Google crawled your site during a traffic peak...
You also need to manage High Traffic Events such as online sales, DDoS attacks.. to preserve your brand reputation..
The Cloud is elastic, bu it does not scale up fast enough to manage peaks.

By dedicating its best service to its best customers

Robots represent typically 50% of your requests, and every real customes doesn't drive the same revenue.
Dedicating the same level of effort to every request is bad ressources management.

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