Our job is to improve your technical performance to improve your online business.

Our experts have more than 15 years experience in the field, in IT at senior level management.

Our project teams understand both the technical and business sides of your online performance.

That's why our customers trust us to coach them beyond implementation of our solutions.

Culmineo can coach you on all aspects of your digital strategy: security, performance, systems availability, and for your customers experience personalisation projects.

Depending on your project phase, we use two different methods:

Audit / benchmark

You're not sure yet...

We help you assess where you currently stand regarding best practices and competition.

We identify simple and efficient solutions that can be activated at once to boost your online business. The benchmark has 3 phases:

  1. We activate our plaform for you to tranparently analyse your incoming traffic and infrastructure behaviour. This transparent mode doesn't touch anything, it just looks at the traffic.
  2. We prepare a detailed and graphical report of our findings on: your visitors mix (humans/bots/VIP etc.), your performance, stability and availability and the attacks that target you.
  3. We identify priority improvement directions, and design a solution and action plan.

Solution design and rollout
as a project

You already know your needs...

If it's about:

Culmineo will set up a project team to help you specify your needs, identify the best products and solution, roll it out and configure it.

The typical project lifecycle involves a value proposition and Proof of Concept (POC) that will demontrate and quantify the actual value created.

Culmineo can also coach you on:

Tailor made solutions

The Culmineo Platform has a very large range of powerfull products. Specifically the Culmineo Value Manager and Culmineo Security Manager.

Its very rich features and near instant seamless roll-out lets some of our customers use the Culmineo Platform as an overlay above their sofware stack (load balanbcers, WAF, Web servers, CMS etc.).

Some have built very smart and easy solutions to merge several websites into one, to build hich availability configurations, to ensure Cookie/GDPR compliance, to adapt contents to geolocation or desktop/mobile devices.

We've helped them design these solutions that can could be rolled out in days without any developpment on their side.

You may contact us for a detailed technical presentation of these awesome possibilities.

Continuous performance improvement

Your web sites, mobile apps and APIs are in perpetual change. So are the best practices, your customers profile and the competition.

We can re-assess, tune and improve your solutions so that you always stay at the top in terms of:

How can we help you?

Let's start for instance with an audit of you websites or mobiel apps

We'll provide a detailed and objective report that will help you see where your are with respect to state-of-the art and your competitors on

We will identify improvement opportunities and will propose you relevant solutions that can be deployer very fast.