Spend millions in a marketing campaign and let your website crash under traffic. Really?

Cyber Monday Sales, Super Bowl ad campaigns, buzz... There are many High Traffic Events on the web. Not to mention DDoS attacks.

If your site gets saturated, the impact on your brand reputation and your revenue can be disastrous.

Culmineo helped a global industry leader manage the High Traffic Event that a new product launch drove.

Volkswagen and the
"Car of the Year"

During a previous car launch, Volkswagen experienced a High Traffic Event on their web car configurator that brought down the whole site for 48 hrs. This created bad buzz in the German economics Press.

Culmineo designed and implemented a website protection solution for the volkswagen.de car configurator, based on the Culmineo Traffic Manager.

After a conclusive Proof of Concept, the solution is rolled-out for the New Passat launch.

They were right in preparing this High Traffic Events, because on top of the anticipated traffic driven by the TV ads, there was another unexpected traffic peak:

The New Passat was elected "Car of The year".

Thanks to our solution, the resulting peak was unprecedented but was managed with no impact on availability or performance.

Some other use cases...

  • Season-related events: Online Sales, Black Friday, elections...
  • First-come first-serve situations: ticketing sites...
  • Ad campaigns: Super Bowl, marketing launches...
  • News: Breaking news for Media sites, weather-related conditions...
  • Buzz: Slashdot effect...
  • Applicative DDoS attacks: That's a huge High Traffic Event!

Culmineo also provides expertise and custom solutions

Culmineo helped an industry leader solve a sites consolidation problem while improving performance by a factor 6.

Lacoste: e-commerce websites federation and acceleration

Lacoste needed a solution to federate its numerous local e-commerce sites into one global website, because that penalized its SEO.

The different e-shops were hosted in different continents and used different e-commerce solutions. So this meant a major rebuild.

They also had a respone time issue, because of their high-end positionning and the heady graphics. That penalized their conversion ratio too.

Culmineo used its full range of solutions to design a custom multi-origins, multi-CDN, geo-localized solution, and implemented it in just 2 weeks.

Lacoste’s Digital Flagship now features more than 16 e-shops on two continents (EUR + Americas). Asia is scheduled next.

The speed (Start Render) was improved by a factor 6.

Our Customers say...

«  The solution you implemented is fantastic, with the benefit of improved optimization. Well done!  »

Philippe Morin, Lacoste VP of e-commerce

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